Langhe DOC Rosso

An important Langhe Rosso wine, deriving from a careful selection of our Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, with a knowing touch from the international vines that we produce, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Grape variety Nebbiolo, Barbera, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Production area Roddi d’Alba Elia vineyard Ha 0,80 and Serralunga d’Alba

Height 200-400 m.a.s.l.

Exposure South, South-East
 and South, South-West

Soil Chalky/clayey

Harvest period Mid September – mid October

Yield per hectare 80 quintals/hectare of grapes

Plants per hectare 4.000

Growing system Guyot

Winemaking This wine is the result of a careful blend of native grape varieties like Barbera and Nebbiolo, with a knowing touch of the more international ones, grown in the vineyards belonging to the municipalities of Roddi and Serralunga. Grapes are harvested separately when fully ripe, and then left to ferment
at at a temperature of 18-26°C. The drawing-off process takes place once fermentation is complete.

Ageing After malolactic fermentation the wines are left to age in small oak barrels (third of new ones, a third of second passage and a third of third passage) for about 12 months. The various components are then blended and harmonize during this phase, creating something new and peculiar.

Tasting notes It has an intense ruby red colour with violet hues. The ne, concentrated bouquet contains fruit and flowers, especially small fruits and roses.

Best served Between 16 and 18°C.

Perfect pairing Pasta and rice dishes, recipes using boiled meats, fresh and medium-seasoned cheeses and cold cuts.

Storage Keep the bottle horizontal, in a cool 
and ventilated room, protected from direct light and vibrations.

Langhe DOC Rosso



Vintage 2016

  • Guida Slow Wine Cabernet classic notes in the nose. In the mouth the Merlot roundness dominates, instead.
  • Bibenda 2019 Pleasant modern scents. Enjoyable, elegant and tasty in mouth, with a perefct balance between freshness and the calorific part.
  • Guida I Vini di Veronelli 3 stars
  • Gambero Rosso 2 black glasses

Vintage 2015

  • Gambero Rosso 2 black glasses

Vintage 2012

  • Guida I Vini di Veronelli 90/100, excellent wine
  • Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso 2 glasses
  • Annuario Luca Maroni 88/100

Vintage 2011

  • Guida Bibenda 3 Grapes
  • Guida I Vini di Veronelli 90/100, excellent wine
  • Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso 2 glasses
  • Vini d’Italia de l’Espresso 16/20, 3 bottles
  • Annuario Luca Maroni 84/100

Vintage 2010

  • Guida Bibenda 3 grapes
  • Guida I Vini di Veronelli 90/100, excellent wine
  • Annuario Luca Maroni 87/100
  • Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso 2 glasses