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Cerrati, the cru of Tenuta Cucco

Barolo DOCG Cerrati “Vigna Cucco” Riserva

From the highest area of the Cerrati cru, where limestone and tuff make the grapes rich in tannins and polyphenols, a great Barolo


Barolo DOCG Cerrati

One of the most suited crus of Serralunga, our farm is the only one to commercialize it. From high vineyards the best grapes for a great traditional Barolo.


Our Cerrati cru, only commercialized by Tenuta Cucco, is the most authentic expression of this land and its peculiarities, due to the long history of the soil. Barolos from Serralunga always had an extraordinary expression of longevity and authenticity. We are sure that, also because of our experience at La Raia, the choice of introducing the organic approach in the vineyards and the cellar, defines even more the characteristics of this cru. A cru which is already well known for its body, elegance and longevity since 1996, year of the first bottle produced.

Piero Rossi Cairo

Cru Cerrati: the most ancient tradition

The current MGA (Additional Geographical Mention) Cerrati, which takes the name from surrounding village, is included among the most prestigious crus in Serralunga d’Alba and in the Barolo area. Statistics speak for its undeniable quality: the internal part is by 93% farmed as Nebbiolo for Barolo. Cerrati was anciently known as Posteirone, today only indicated as the lower area closer to Tolloria valley, with a slight orientation towards East. It grafts over the central ridge of Serralunga, just after the northern residential area , offering a breath-taking view of the castle. With an approximate height of 400 – 260 metres above sea level, the exposure at midday is perfect, especially in the initial part close to the inhabited part of Serralunga.

Its soil is composed by grey marls alternated with sandy stratifications or grey-reddish sandstones, conferring the wine with a great tannic strength which grants its longevity. The hills of Cerrati amount to 13 hectares of which three quarters are planted as Nebbiolo vineyards.

The highest part (“cucco” in the local dialect) of Cerrati has always been the most prestigious and known as Vigna Cucco, also cited in Renato Ratti’s Barolo historical map of 1971 (“subarea with qualitative particular characteristics”). It was later also named by Slow Food in the Atlante delle Vigne di Langa (Vineyards of the Langhe’s atlas).

The Cerrati became famous when in the property of the Cappellano family in the twentieth century, It was later bought by the Stroppiana family in 1966 and consequently acquired by the Rossi Cairo family in 2015.

In the higher part of the hill, the white tuff soil is less deep and sun exposure is mostly perfect, the vineyard is 50 years old and from here Tenuta Cucco produces the Barolo Vigna Cucco Riserva. This label exists since 1986 and expresses a warm and full power.

The Barolo Cerrati, label existing since 1996, is only commercialized by Tenuta Cucco. It is grown at a lower altitude (South-South/East exposed) over slightly richer soils. The result is a Barolo strong in tannins with great austerity, the most pure style of the wines of Serralunga. Cerrati and Vigna Cucco wines share the capacity of ageing which will bring them to challenge the time ahead with equal fortunes.

Big Barrels and Barriques

We produce Barolo since 1967: Vigna Cucco since 1986 and the Cerrati mention since 1996. The cellar was built in 1966 by the Stroppiana family while in the past years the grapes were selected and purchased by the best producers of the area …