San Sebastiano nel Borgo

Affreschi Chiesa San Sebastiano nel Borgo

The church of the estate and its frescoes

San Sebastiano, in the centre of Serralunga, is part of Tenuta Cucco. Angel musicians, the Savoy aristocrats and their elegant clothes (the duke Amedeo IX of Savoia), saints or Adam and Eva sent away from terrestrial paradise are only few examples of the recognisable subjects which could be seen on the walls of the church and realized in different ages from various artists.

Some of them became protagonists of the new labels of Tenuta Cucco, highlighting how their unique stories are the plot of each tale.

San Sebastiano is considered as “old” already in the 1550 documents, it has been the church of the village until 1888 and its annexes (today Casa Cucco) hosted the school until the 50s.

In the seventeenth century it has been rebuilt over the ancient medieval base (changing the access door and the positioning of the altar, which was located opposite to its current place), restored between 1886 and 1888. It has essential and simple lines, far from the baroque style, typical of half seventeenth century style. The internal space is organized with an only hall with four altars inserted in deeper compartments. It is possible to visit the church upon request.

Cru Cerrati: the most ancient tradition

“Our Cerrati cru, only commercialized by Tenuta Cucco, is the most authentic expression of this land …”