I Vigneti di Tenuta Cucco

The vineyards of
Tenuta Cucco

The vineyards of Tenuta Cucco extend over 13 hectares in which besides Nebbiolo, the most extended vine-variety, we also grow Dolcetto d’Alba, Langhe Chardonnay and Barbera d’Alba.

The total production is of approximately 70 thousand bottles per year, with a predominant percentage of Barolo from the Cerrati and Vughera crus and the Vigna Cucco vineyard. The age of the vines ranges from 15 to 50 years old, with a low quantitative yield favouring a higher quality product.

The majority of Nebbiolo vineyards are south – south east exposed, the variable altitudes of the implants allow us to obtain and work with grapes of different characteristics therefore resulting into wines with marked characters.

The other vineyards of Tenuta Cucco are located in the geographic quote Bricco Vughera. The Barbera d’Alba comes from the vineyards in the municipality of Roddi d’Alba, where clay and pebbles, ideal conditions for the harmonious development of this vine variety, are the leading elements of this soil. Also the Barbera is a cru and comes from a unique vineyard, Elia.

The geologic origins of all of these lands date back to the “Formation of Lequio”, characterised by grey marls alternated with sand stratifications or grey-reddish sandstones. It is a very ancient soil, the most ancient in the Barolo area (dated between 10-13 million of years), which grant to the wine great structure, complexity and longevity. The important sandy stratification which grants very intense and persistent scents in the wine ascends to the “Diano’s sandstones”

The care of the wine

Tenuta Cucco produces around 70.000 bottles a year, with a predominant percentage of Barolo from the Vigna Cucco, Cerrati and Vughera vineyards. The age of the vines ranges from 15 to 50 years old, with a lower quantitative yield favouring high quality in the products …


“Since 2015 Tenuta Cucco is run with an organic approach. All of the vineyards are totally turfed and fertilized rationally, using products which have an organic origin, while the phytosanitary protection is based on the use of sulphur and copper. In the new vine implants we used grafting combinations suitable for a naturally balanced production. Of course, the natural production is also balanced with a manual thinning practice in order to obtain concentrated grapes with a balanced maturation.”

Gian Piero Romana, agronomist of Tenuta Cucco