Spumante Brut Classic Method

An authentic spumante, with delicate and persistent perlage. A great example of the Brut Italian tradition.

Grape variety Chardonnay 100%

Height 300-350 m.a.s.l

Exposure East

Soil Chalky/clayey

Harvest period September

Yield per hectare 90 quintals/hectare of grapes

Plants per hectare 4.000

Growing method Guyot

Vinification and Ageing The grapes are handpicked and directly delicately pressed. The must is transferred in thermo-controlled tanks for the static decanting. The clear must is fermented in inox tanks at a low temperature (16-18 °C). Once the fermentation stage is completed, the wine is kept in contact with the fine lees until spring time. In May the wine undergoes a second period of fermentation in the bottle before a period of at least 2 years of maturation on the lees, according to the rigorous procedures of the Spumante classic method. After this maturation and ageing period, the remuage and degorgement operations are implemented (in order to eliminate the skins); then the liquer d’expedition is added, a sirop which characterises its taste.
After this, it steeps on the yeasts for a few months in the cellar.

Tasting notes In the glass, this sparkling wine is a shimmering light yellow. The pearling effect is minimal yet persistent. The subtle and pleasant scent recalls a prevalence of white pulp fruits such as peach and pear, toasted dry fruits and fresh bread.
The effect in the mouth is of a soft, understated light scent, with a good structure and body.

Best served Between 6 and 8 °C

Perfect pairing Excellent as an aperitif. Its elegant appearance also highlights cold salads with cheese, fish and white meats. Also perfect with vegetable pasta dishes or with delicate meat and fish dishes.

Storage Keep the bottle horizontal in a fresh and ventilated room, protected from direct lights and vibrations.