Vigneti colline Langhe

The Project

The increasingly growing awareness of the importance of a healthy, high quality and sustainable agriculture, which values bio diversities and preserves the terroir favouring future generations, led us to accomplish new initiatives.

In 2003, my family and I acquired the farm, La Raia. within the gentle hills of Gavi, in southern Piedmont. My children suggested to engage into this new adventure with a biodynamic – organic approach in order to recover the original features of this terroir, which have been cherishing the indigenous Cortese vine for centuries.
La Raia, as of today, was born from that intuition: a biodynamic Demeter certified farm, which extends over 180 hectares of vineyards, pastures, fields and chestnut woodlands inhabited by wild animal. During the past years, its biodynamic Gavi and Barbera wines have consolidated their success among critic consumers, professionals in the industry, in Italy and abroad.

Giorgio e Piero Rossi Cairo

We became shareholders of the company EcorNaturaSì, the most important distribution and retail company of organic and biodynamic products. In January 2015 we also acquired Tenuta Cucco with its cru Cerrati and Vigna Cucco. A new aspect of this project that we are passionate about and which drove us to extend the organic approach over Tenuta Cucco’s vineyards.

Our engagement in such an articulated project is continuously renovating, involving ever more participants, friends and those passionate about an agriculture which represents the roots of our future.

We invite you to come and visit us and take part of this project.

Giorgio Rossi Cairo

Cru Cerrati: the most
ancient tradition

“Our Cerrati cru, only commercialized by Tenuta Cucco, is the most authentic expression of this land …