The care of the wine

Raccolta uva con paesaggio panoramico

Tenuta Cucco produces around 70.000 bottles a year, with a predominant percentage of Barolo from the Vigna Cucco, Cerrati and Vughera vineyards. The age of the vines ranges from 15 to 50 years old, with a lower quantitative yield favouring high quality in the products.

During summertime the grapes are tested several times by our agronomist in order to identify the exact picking date, making specific analysis for each vineyard.

Once ripe, the grapes are handpicked in crates and pressed within few hours, while the grapes are always transferred manually into the stemmer-crusher.

The Chardonnay is delicately pressed and, after a static decantation, induced at a white fermentation at controlled temperature between 16-18°C for twenty days. The red grapes are induced to fermentation, after being stem-crushed, at a controlled temperature of approximately 26°C, with daily pump overs in order to favour the extraction of colours and scents. The Chardonnay does not undergo malolactic fermentation in order to maintain major freshness.

With regards to the Dolcetto and Langhe Nebbiolo, the maceration on the skins only lasts 4-5 days. Following the racking, the alcoholic fermentation completes without the skins (in white), exalting scents and tasting tenderness.

Barbera and Barolo instead macerate also after the alcoholic fermentation, for 8 and 30 days respectively (at submerged cap), donating complexity and longevity to the future wines.

The vineyards of Tenuta Cucco

The vineyards of Tenuta Cucco extend over 13 hectares in which besides Nebbiolo, the most extended vine-variety, we also grow Dolcetto d’Alba, Langhe Chardonnay and Barbera d’Alba.
The total production is of approximately 70 thousand bottles per year, with a predominant percentage of Barolo from the Cerrati and Vughera crus and the Vigna Cucco vineyard. The age of the vines ranges from 15 to 50 years old, with a low quantitative yield favouring a higher quality product …